Seasoning Cast Iron

I got a great deal on a bright red, six-quart dutch oven at Sam’s Club last weekend and needed to season the lip of the bowl and the edge of the lid before putting it into production. I thoroughly coated both exposed edges with olive oil and stuck it in the oven.

Only afterward (of course) did I do my homework. I learned some interesting things about seasoning cast iron from a great blog post on seasoning cast iron by Sheryl Canter that provided a look into what really happens when we season cast iron, and how flax seed oil might very well be the best choice of oils.

As I had already applied the olive oil and put the items in the oven I needed to know how hot to get the oven in order to get the olive oil past the smoke point. Thankfully, I found a handy list of smoke points for various oils.

I did everything out of order, but it seems to have worked out well. I’ll revisit this post when I get some more cast iron cookware.


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