Watermelon Sorbet

Edit May 17, 2012: I have since learned that I can no longer tolerate produce that has been ripened with ethylene gas, as many melons are. If you have a corn allergy, please make sure that the fruit you select and use is safe for you.

I was listening to myself kvetch about not having any frozen deserts and suddenly remembered sorbet. I headed off to Kroger and grabbed the nicest watermelon I could find along with a couple of organic lemons.

The better the watermelon you have the better the sorbet will turn out, but even if the watermelon is as bad as mine was (and it was awful) the sorbet is still delicious.

  • One watermelon all cut up, icky parts removed
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 2 cups of water
  • Juice of 1/2 a lemon
Cut up the watermelon into chunks and run it through the food processor, and then through the blender on it’s fastest setting.
Heat up water, sugar, lemon juice and add a ladle or two of watermelon puree in a stock pot until the sugar melts. Turn off burner and add the remaining puree or watermelon.
For reference, my batch turned out about 12 or so cups of watermelon puree, so I suspect that for each five or six cups of fruit puree we can get away with adding one cup each of water and sugar. This appears to be more or less consistent with other recipes I have seen. Google will help you verify this if you are feeling timid.

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