Cuban black beans

This was a huge lifesaver for me when I was reacting to everything. It is a great way to have something to eat when you can’t think of anything you can eat. I keep a quart container in the fridge at all times so I have something that tastes good and is quick to prepare.

Serve on it’s own with cheese melted on top, heated up and served alongside some eggs for breakfast, or over quinoa with a glob of sour cream on top.
  • one pound black beans
  • one large diced onion
  • one chopped green pepper (optional – the recipe works well without it)
  • two or three globs extra virgin olive oil
  • one tablespoon cumin (if you have any that doesn’t try to kill you)
  • two whole bay leaves
  • two or more cloves chopped fresh garlic
Soak beans overnight or until you are satisfied. Make sure to rinse them until the water is clear before soaking, once during the soaking, and once after soaking. Also remember to keep an eye out for small stones or foreign beans when you are rinsing.
Put some olive oil in the bottom of your slow cooker, add onions, pepper and seasonings. DON’T ADD SALT!
Turn on heat to low and let it cook until the kitchen smells delicious and the onions are cooked.
Add hot water and beans (if they are done soaking). I don’t know how much water, but make sure it is enough and that the beans are covered and that it can cook without scorching all day or all night. 4 cups is a good starting point.
If you opted to get a head start on the onion broth, cook it on low until the beans are done soaking, and then add the beans.
After a couple hours of cooking the beans should be soft. Only once they are soft and edible should you put the salt in. Salt to taste. I usually put in a little over a tablespoon of kosher salt.
Keep it cooking. The longer you cook the beans, the better it will taste. I try to cook it for at least six to eight hours.
If you don’t have any cumin that is safe, try adding a third bay leaf and a little extra black pepper.
I wash my bay leaves by rubbing them under running water before I put them in the pot in case they tangled with some allergens.

Double the recipe and freeze half of the batch for a day you get corned and don’t feel like cooking anything.

Make sure the beans are not too runny. I had complaints from my wife about a lack of flavor in a particularly runny batch. You have been warned!


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