Basic spelt bread

I almost always do all of my baking on Friday, and I make this bread every week. This recipe evolved from this artisan whole spelt recipe over at Breadtopia, for which I am quite grateful. Once I figured out how the dough needs to feel I didn’t need the recipe any more. My recipe is now something like this:

  1. In a cup or a mug mix 1.5tsp dry yeast into 1/2 cup of cold to warm (not hot!) water.
  2. In a bowl put about 5 cups of spelt flour. Whole spelt or white or a mix. Sprinkle the salt in over the top and mix it well with a fork or a whisk.
  3. In another bowl put two cups of really hot tap water and dissolve 1/4 cup of sugar or honey in it.
  4. When the hot water mixture isn’t so hot (at or below112 degrees) mix in the dissolved yeasty muck.
  5. Grab a fork or a whisk and start mixing in the flour until it is the right amount. Try to get a lot of air in it. Yeast likes air.
  6. Don’t mix it too much. Don’t knead it. Turn the light on in the oven and stick it in there for a while.
  7. Pull it out and stretch it. It will deflate. Repeat a couple of times.
  8. When you are sick of stretching it, put it in the baking pans, then put it back in the oven for another while for it’s final rise.
  9. Depending on your oven, cook it at about 400 till a thermometer stuck in the middle reads 200F.
I did learn that the longer you let it hang out uncooked, the better it is. I also learned that if you skimp on stretching the dough, you run the risk of it falling. Quality flour makes ALL the difference. The Vita-Spelt 5lb bag of white spelt flour is generally what I get and it is plenty good.
Seriously, just go to Breadtopia and get a nice “artisan” recipe with great videos and make it easy on yourself. Remember two things: Read the comments to that post and remember that you don’t need the fancy pans to make a good loaf of bread with a decent crust.

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