What’s cooking?

People generally ask what I actually can eat once they hear about the food allergies. I can’t eat the brussel sprout recipe any more because of the nuts, but aside from that small issue, all of these are tried and true.

I made cabbage rolls recently with quinoa and Empire ground turkey. This was a really big hit. I used this recipe as my guide, but used something like 3/4 quinoa and 1/4 rice, I think I added paprika and a touch of cayenne pepper and maybe stretched the recipe a bit. The quinoa was a great touch.

My wife has been seasoning the sour cream lately and we have been dipping carrots in it. Yummy snack and safe once the carrots are peeled. I also made my longtime favorite carrot kugel recipe last week, trying it the first time with spelt instead of wheat. It needed some tuning on the spelt tip, but I was hungry and it appeared to be really yummy.

Leeks are great in soup. I also saw a recipe for leek/quinoa vegi burgers recently, though I haven’t tried it yet.

Brussel sprouts are wonderful halved or quartered, roasted with chopped or diced hazelnuts, olive oil and salt. My wife says it is better with butter, which I suspect is true, though I distinctly recall making it successfully with olive oil. Here is the recipe.

Please feel free to leave your tips in the comments. You never know just how many people will appreciate it!



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