What’s Cooking? A dispatch from the food front

What’s cooking? Since I’m kind of getting over trusting food, and more than a little sick of anaphylaxis and stomach cramps, I have narrowed my diet down once again to the bare minimum. Here is my list of things that I am confident are safe. It probably will change soon, but for the time being this is where I am holding.
I get organic dried beans and wash them vigorously until the water runs clear. Not mostly clear, but clear. I’m very strict about this, and I think it pays off. In fact I have never gotten sick from the beans themselves. Unfortunately I have a habit of adding crazy, unsafe stuff to them.

Tuna can totally save the day. When I don’t know what to eat and need food desperately, which is not a particularly rare occurrence, I open a can of tuna and eat it plain with olive oil, salt and pepper. Sometimes if I have some beans, rice or quinoa cooked I throw that in as well. FYI, not all tuna is safe and not all tuna is kosher.

I regularly eat Empire chicken and turkey without a problem. I have not had any reason to try any other chicken. I make broth from the bones.
I am very suspicious of dairy products from the store, and currently looking for a small organic dairy so I can make my own cheese/yogurt/butter. I did get some organic valley salted butter, but I’m not completely sure of it’s safety.

For vegetables, I have been able to eat the organic beets, juicer carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, onions and garlic from my local hippy store without a problem. The rest of the veges are going to have to wait until they grow in the garden, which is of course waiting to be dug up and planted.

I am allergic to wheat, so the only flour I use is “Vita Spelt” brand white spelt flour. I have been using this for 6+ months with no problems whatsoever.

Lundberg rice appears to be safe. I tested multiple types over the past two weeks and have eliminated the rice as a source of reaction. As with the beans I vigorously rinse it until clear prior to cooking.

Beer has not been working well for me lately, but quality Kosher l’Pesach wines have been fine. The sweet wines I react to every time. Trader Joes has a few kosher wines with low prices (nationwide), but the reds are sulfite bombs. The whites are surprisingly delish for the price.

I have been reacting to sugar lately, so for making yummy frozen deserts, Kedem KFP grape juice works well. We get it at Costco.

There are a few other things, but they are mostly seasonings. All in all I’m grateful I can eat that much!

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