The food list

This is an actively updated list of foods and products that I am able to eat or use without getting an allergic reaction. This list is specific to me, my allergies, and the current state of my health. Just like everything else in life, it changes regularly, so please don’t make the assumption that it is safe for any other person or their allergy profile.

Please don’t forget: You are solely responsible for what you put in your mouth, put on your body, and/or give to your children.

  • Daily Chef Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Sam’s Club (Glass bottle only!!!)
  • Season’s KFP Kipper Snacks (Smoked Herring Fillets) (Salted (green pack, yummier) and Unsalted (red pack))
  • Lieber’s or Gefen Baking Powder (KFP)
  • Lieber’s KFP Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (KFP)
  • Lieber’s Premium 100% Dutch Process Cocoa Powder (KFP) (Dutch process only!!!)
  • KFP Coca-Cola (Never Diet, Must have yellow lid)
  • Moses Vodka (KFP, A quality vodka)
  • Elite Arak (Yum!)
  • Perrier in glass bottles. Plain/No Flavor added only. (Best prices at Sam’s Club)
  • Natural by Nature Whole Milk (Red Cap, Quart Glass Bottle, Late Spring/Summer Only)
  • Natural by Nature Sweet Cream Butter (Salted, Whipped, Late Spring/Summer Only)
  • Red Star Yeast (1 LB Package, but the others would probably be fine)
  • Most real, unsweetened, KFP wines (Sometimes there is hidden sweetener or the sulfites cause problems, so pay attention)
  • Lieber’s or Geffen Potato Starch (KFP)
  • Spectrum Organic Vegetable Shortening (Plain, NOT butter flavored) (Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Oil)
  • Woodstock Organic Pure Cane Sugar (ONLY this specific product from this specific brand)
  • Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Molasses
  • Vanilla Beans (Gourmet Bourbon) Order the best beans available. (Edit: I have some hesitation about the safety of the exterior of the bean, but the seeds on the inside have been consistently fine. YMMV)
  • Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Aged in Wood)
  • Nancy’s Organic Sour Cream (Not light)
  • Nancy’s Organic Cream Cheese (Not light)
  • Santa Cruz Organic Lime Juice
  • Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice
  • Lundberg Farms Rice (Only packaged, NEVER, EVER from the bulk bins!!!)
  • Vita-Spelt Organic White Spelt Flour (5 or 25LB) (NEVER, EVER from the bulk bins!!!)
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli (This specific product only)
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Apple Sauce
  • Bulk Espresso coffee from Starbucks. These are the beans that come in their big bulk bags that they use in the big espresso machines. I feel like this is hit-or-miss in terms of being safe for me, but it the best option I have found so far.
  • Fresh fish from the ocean or lake via the dock or boat (or really close to the dock), certainly not from the grocery store.
  • Dry organic black beans, butter beans, red/green/french lentils, yellow/green split peas, chickpeas, mung beans, azuki beans. OK to use from bulk bins. All must be carefully checked for wheat berries, soy beans and any number of other surprises. They must be really, really well checked and washed, soaked for 24 hours, really well washed again, and then either sprouted or cooked properly. This is the only way I consider dried beans to be safe.
  • Fresh produce: Fresh in-season produce directly from farmers that has not been washed with anything but water, not sprayed, and not sold or transported in plastic bags. Whatever assorted greens that grow in the yard, including dandelions. The general rule I hold by is that there should be no more than 1 person between me and the dirt the produce grew in, and that I know where to find them if I get sick.
  • Spices: Whole organic coriander, whole black pepper, kosher salt, real salt, Eden Celtic Sea Salt, whole allspice (YUM), organic cloves, whole cumin, whole fennel seed, organic bay leaves. Lieber’s KFP cayenne pepper. Use a mortar and pestle for grinding things up, stainless if you can find one. Eden Sea Salt (Hand Harvested Celtic)
  • Ziplock brand storage bags (for cold food only)
Updated: 25 May, 2014

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