Skin care for people with allergies

Here are some things that I picked up along the way that have helped me take better care of my skin. Acne comes as a bonus pack with allergic reactions. I recently was able to test and come to the conclusion that the following things helped my skin stay clear. It doesn’t eliminate the breakouts or infections, and I can’t be sure it will help anyone else, but I have found that for me the severity of the acne is at least cut in half, and the duration of the infections shortened. Of course, this is all assuming that there are no allergens lurking in the laundry process.

  • Skin detox (contrast) shower once or twice a day. More info here.
  • Pat, not wipe, dry with a clean towel after each shower.
  • Moisturize with olive oil after the shower, before getting completely dry.
  • Wash face and problem areas with water before bed, and moisturize with more olive oil.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Working up a good sweat every day, or as often as possible, is always beneficial. Not only for my skin, but for all of my mind and body.


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