Soap in the Kitchen and Bath

I get the soap question a lot, so here is how it breaks down for me in the kitchen and bathroom.

I use Kiss My Face Olive Oil Bar Soap (The plain one – never scented) for washing my body. I only use water to wash my face.

I don’t use shampoo, I just try to cut off the dirt. I cut my hair weekly with a #3 clipper guard. #4 guard for my beard. I scrub in a rinse with a 4:1 ratio of apple cider vinegar to water on my head and beard when I’m in the shower after cutting my hair. Don’t get the ACV in your eyes though. OUCH!

I use a blue Gefen KFP dish soap for the dishes, and sometimes hands. Vinegar and baking soda also do a fine job at getting things clean in the kitchen and around the house. For any serious cleaning I will use a dilution of ammonia and water, but I can’t breathe in the fumes without trouble.

I currently use olive oil for lotion. It lasts a long time. Spectrum Vegetable Shortening (plain) is a pure, odorless, organic palm shortening, which is passable as a lotion, and much better as a lubricant.


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