Make your pumpkin seeds sing

Even the best recipes need a makeover!

Cooking b'Simcha

Pumpkin seeds, A.K.A. Pepitas, aren’t just yummy, they are chock full of important nutrients. Here is how to prepare them so that you make the most of the nutrients, and your loved ones won’t try to feed them to the squirrels.
Checking raw seeds, nuts, beans and grains for foreign objects is an essential step in limiting cross-contamination. I’m surprised how many people with severe allergies completely forget this step.
Rinse well, and until the water runs fairly clear, agitating the seeds with your fingers in the water. Lots of green stuff will come off. That’s normal. Just keep rinsing until you are bored, don’t care any more, or the water rinses clean.
For every ~4 Cups of seeds, dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in enough pure water to cover them for 12 hours. If you want to season the little rascals, this…

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