The Vitamix adventure

I had been thinking about getting a high powered blender for quite a while, for a lot of different reasons, but primarily to focus on getting more healthy food into my belly, and making quality baby food for little Akiva. I fussed over all of the details, comparing this one to that one, and finally settling on Vitamix. Then I fussed over all of the different models. Ugh. Then I went back and considered BlendTec. Then finally went back over to the Vitamix side of things.

I ended up ordering a Vitamix, even though it cost a small fortune. Similar bigger-ticket purchases, like the Berkey water filter and the Excalibur food dehydrator were easily worth every penny, and I suspect this will be the same. This article about refurbished machines on Blender Dude’s web site really made a big difference in what I purchased, and ultimately saved me some money. In fact, if you are shopping for a blender, check out It’s really the most informative site I found while shopping for my blender.

Next up: Smoothie theory


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